EU1OGY was born out of chaos. The music defies genre. It is a raw, energetic deconstruction of everything you think you know about sound. Growing up in and around Baltimore, Maryland, EU1OGY spent much of his early childhood shuttling between group homes and foster homes, urban, suburban, and everything in between. For EU1OGY, music and art were salvation, a safe form of expression amidst the flux. Always the new kid, a born outsider, the sound of EU1OGY’s music reflects the many world’s he moved between, a raw, hardcore punk sound mixed with trap beats and a vocal delivery that will knock down the walls of your house. This is something totally brand new. This is EU1OGY.

“WAGON V.2” is the debut single by EU1OGY on Cell Laboratories. It is hard. The kind of record that makes you want to drive 100 mph just punch somebody in the mouth. Heavy trap beats, chugging guitars, and eerie arpeggiated synths blend with EU1OGY’s growled vocal delivery. The song is a new version of his breakthrough single “WAGON” (which was featured by Supreme in the launch for their collaboration with Cressi), and with additional production the song manages to go even harder. The sound and lyrics reflect EU1OGY’s unique background. “For a long period of my life I was down and out, I knew what it was like to be the new kid and misunderstood. I was definitely a badass, angry teenager. I started to get really into bands like No Doubt, MxPx, Good Charlotte, the list goes on. The whole diy / emo / punk / hardcore culture definitely became, and still is, a big part of my life. I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere but with a bunch of punks and misfits.” This is the sound of teenage angst and aggression, a puffed out piece of musical bravado that gets your heart racing and infects your brain.

EU1OGY is a talented multi-instrumentalist and producer, a powerful vocalist, an engaging performer who regularly sells out venues in his hometown of Baltimore. A EU1OGY live show is always intense full of loud, heavy guitar and a release of energy and emotion. 30 mins of just everyone moshing and dancing. “I give it 300% every time I play a show regardless if it’s 20 people in the crowd or if it is sold out” says EU1OGY. “At the end of the day, I make this music and perform because its in my soul, and if other people think its dope and fuck with it, cool.”

EU1OGY is an artist with an eclectic, punishing sound that reflects a unique background and a unique vision. His debut single for Cell Laboratories, “WAGON V.2” is a postmodern masterpiece that is destined to be remembered as a turning point in the sound of heavy music. “WAGON V.2” will be out March 13th and available everywhere digital music is streamed or sold.


EU1OGY - WAGON V.2 (Official Video)

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