Dräger "Wolf" Music Video

Dräger just released the self-directed video for their self-produced single "Wolf". We sat for a conversation with frontman-turned-director Spencer Draeger for a conversation about it.

Interview by Oswald Greene

Dräger "Wolf" (Official Video)

CELL VISION: You directed the video yourself, is this the first video you directed? Did you enjoy it?

DRÄGER: Yes, this was my first video and I honestly had no idea what the hell I was doing. But you know I feel like some of the most inspiring artists are the ones who don’t have a clue how it to do it the “right way.” That was all I could tell myself to follow through with completing it. I am an obsessive person by nature and when I embark on a new skill I kind of go down a wormhole on YouTube and want to absorb as much information as I can. I was the same when it came to mixing and learning how to play the all the instruments in my music. I enjoyed the process, but because I had never done it before it was sometimes daunting not having anything to compare it to. I also had no clue how a green screen worked or lighting and every time I’d ask a photographer buddy they’d basically make me feel more confused and so I just stopped asking questions and experimented for a few days. Nonetheless, I had a blast having the freedom to act like a total idiot.

CELL VISION: What was the easiest thing about it? The most difficult?

DRÄGER: The most difficult part was having enough leg strength to crouch down for every shot because I’m 6’4” and my green screen was 6’2” and you’ll see in many shots the top of my head is cropped out. I am working on getting some wooden apple boxes to make it taller for any future projects. Ironically, the easiest part was doing it myself and getting to take my time. Kind of like songwriting I work best when I don’t have to wait or rely on someone else.

CELL VISION: What is the concept for the video? Was there any particular source of inspiration?

DRÄGER: I must admit this video started out as a test more so for the green screen and then once I started editing I decided halfway through I’d make a music video out of the footage. I think being such a new artist and many not knowing who I am I just wanted something simple that showed a little of my personality. I think strong narratives are really cool but they can also come off as cheesy or too cerebral and I just wanted something simple to get people in the know of who I am and the fact I don’t take myself that seriously.

CELL VISION: What was it like essentially collaborating with yourself? Were there any ways that you found it to be advantageous?

DRÄGER: A music video should be music AND video. It sounds obvious but a lot of film makers seem to fail to find the beat. In other bands and videos I’ve done with “real directors” so many fail to sync the rhythm of the music to the picture. I see it time and time again, directors getting lost in some shot, and not landing their cuts with the kick drum or forgetting to change the vibe of the picture when the chorus drops. Frankly, it’s just hard to tell someone to “find the rhythm.” You either got it or you don’t, you know? So being in charge of both audio and video made it easier to find the harmony between the two. That was actually a lot of kept me excited about making the video. Overall, I kept it simple, kept in mind the music and just tried to show some personality while keeping in mind the aesthetic of my sound.

CELL VISION: Do you plan to direct future videos for Dräger? For other people?

DRÄGER: In the future I’d love to be more than just an actor in one of my videos but maybe I’d co-direct or edit. Ultimately, I think it’d be best to find a real visionary that can work on all my videos. I like keeping a theme going in my music and if I find someone who I vibe with it’d be really great to have them take the reins. As fun as it was making “Wolf” I am not ignorant that it wasn’t super deep nor was there a true narrative regardless of showing style and charisma. Down the road I’d love to do more stylistic videos like “Wolf” but with a stronger narrative. I’d even write extra music for the video and make it a short film if it was the right fit. Though I enjoyed keeping things simple on “Wolf” I want to make something with more production, fashion, choreography and incorporate a lot of other artists’ expertise. Video is a perfect art from to bring talented people together and I hope I can do this for future songs. That being said, I currently can’t say I’d direct anything for anyone but maybe after a few more Dräger videos I’ll change my mind. I just need more experience and a little more time before I can trust myself.

CELL VISION: What is next for Dräger?

DRÄGER: So much is coming up. On October 2nd I’ll be releasing my next single “Freaks Of Nature” with another single coming shortly thereafter, and a full EP before the end of the year. . I hope to create more videos in the meantime as well. Don’t hold me to it but I’d love to release a song every month for 2020 because I actually have more than enough and I think in our ADD world it’s good to just keep pumping stuff out for people to digest.

CELL VISION: Anything else you would like to talk about?

DRÄGER: I guess if anyone out there sees my video and is a filmmaker I’d love to talk. New York is a great place to get a team of people together to collaborate and try to make this place a little more like what it once was.

Dräger's "Wolf" is out now, you can listen to it via the music service of your choice via the link below. You can also find Dräger on Instagram and Facebook.

Listen to "Wolf"