EU1OGY playing guitar shirtless in front of a window
photo by San San làzaro

photo by San San làzaro


Genre-bending Baltimore-based artist EU1OGY just released his new song and video "WAGON V.2" on the Cell Laboratories record label. We caught up with EU1OGY to discuss his music, his video, his history, and his vision for the future.

words and interview by Melissa Castro

“WAGON V.2” is the brand new song released by EU1OGY on Cell Laboratories. EU1OGY hails from Baltimore and brings us a new, gritty, and aggressive style of experimental hardcore. The song is a reimagined version of his breakthrough release “WAGON” and it roars with intensity, embodying the cockiness of Kanye, the heavy beats of Travis Scott, and the vocal experimentation of Bring Me The Horizon meshing his gruff vocal delivery with heavy guitars, eery synths, and catchy 808s. The song was released on the Cell Laboratories record label simultaneously with a music video, directed by Monique Baron. We sat down with EU1OGY to find out more about what's happening in his world.

CELL VISION: What is the difference between "WAGON" and "WAGON V.2"? What was your vision for the new version of the song?

EU1OGY: “WAGON” was written a long time ago. When we recorded the new version, I gravitated towards a newer vocal delivery style I had adopted after performing it live for so long. “WAGON V.2” has no samples and we added guitar. It just reflects and fits with my overall sound a bit more than “WAGON”.

CELL VISION: You said in an interview with Revolver that the video for the song is about "facing the realest version of yourself and embracing it." What is the realest version of yourself?

EU1OGY: The realest version of myself is the person I am when I'm at home and no one is around. It's the person I practice being when I'm out in front of everyone else. Embracing my background and all the influences I've had musically - then being able to combine them to create EU1OGY. For a long time I didn't feel like I belonged in any one sound, so to me EU1OGY is the realest expression of me. It's real, raw, and straight from inside of me.

EU1OGY singing into a microphone at a concert
photo by San làzaro

photo by San làzaro

CELL VISION: What does the phrase "born from chaos" mean to you?

EU1OGY: "Born from chaos" means a lot to me, actually. It is a way to describe my life in a neat package. My upbringing was far from the norm and pretty chaotic at times. When I look back at that part of my life I see chaos... and for me to come out of that to become who I am today is powerful.

CELL VISION: Can you tell us more about your upbringing and how it influenced your music?

EU1OGY: I bounced around in foster care and group homes growing up. I was adopted when I was 11. Luckily enough, my parents got me into art and music because they could see how I latched onto it. I was kind of a loner, I felt like I didn't belong. Not only was I adopted, but I didn't fit the typical 'black' stereotype that people wanted me to when I was in school. I always had this unnerving feeling of never being truly accepted or good enough. In a way, that has made me really resilient as an artist because it has allowed me to follow my own path and find my true sound. I've never tried to fit into a certain mold, which is how I approach my music.

CELL VISION: What is a EU1OGY live show like?

EU1OGY: A EU1OGY live show is always high energy. Moshing, dancing, screaming, and any other emotion you can get out. Loud guitar, heavy feedback, and beats that require a legitimate sound setup. I always go in, giving the performance 200%. I'm strictly there to have a good time and put on a show. I take it pretty seriously, like how an athlete approaches a game.

CELL VISION: What is next for you?

EU1OGY: I'm planning on releasing a video soon for my next single "SNAKES." I'm working on developing new music and new merch. I'd like to tour as much as possible. The sky's the limit... I'm just excited to be in the mix and getting my music in people's ears. There is a lot on the way!

A double exposure shot of EU1OGY singing and playing guitar
photo by Cowboi Kidd

photo by Cowboi Kidd

EU1OGY kneeling and singing into a microphone at a concert
photo by Cowboi Kidd

photo by Cowboi Kidd

CELL VISION: Has the corona outbreak affected you in any unique ways? How do the challenges of social distancing affect your music (or your life) in ways that are positive or negative? Do you see any new opportunities because of it?

EU1OGY: Well I was planning a tour for the spring but that is definitely on hold now. So yeah, COVID-19 has definitely delayed any sort of travel or tour plans that were going to happen in the near future. It’s an interesting time for artists to connect with fans because there is plenty of time to do it. Livestreaming is a cool way to connect with people...I do that a lot when I am practicing. I think there will be new opportunities for music to get heard as well, because so many people are turning to music to get through this crisis.

CELL VISION: Anything else you would like to say?

EU1OGY: Stay inside. Wash your hands. Check in on your friends. Stay positive. Go bump the new WAGON V.2 video.

EU1OGY's latest release "WAGON V.2" is out now, you can stream it on the music service of your choice or watch the music video via the links below.

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