A portrait of Jason Scott Henderson, aka GETOVERHER, on a New York City rooftop at night with the sky in the background
Photo by Taul Paul

Photo by Taul Paul


Singer, songwriter, DJ and man of many talents both in front of and behind the scenes Jason Scott Henderson, aka GETOVERHER, has been a player in the New York City music, fashion and art circles since his humble beginnings at the famed LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts (The school depicted in the movie 80s hit film “Fame”). The video for his latest single “A Matter Of Fast” portrays a night out in the neon lights of NYC, and reflects his calmly chaotic approach to life. We spoke to Henderson about the video, and the stories behind the music.

Interview by Prince Terrence

CELL VISION: What is the origin of the name GETOVERHER?

GETOVERHER: There’s layers to the alias. When I made the decision to make my own music again around 2014 after giving up in 2003 when I left LaGuardia, I wanted a fresh start. “Reinvention is my key”. Based on the zodiac and my birthday, I’m a Scorpio. My favorite character from the video game, Mortal Kombat is named Scorpion. His infamous attack move was throwing a sharp harpoon as his tail stinger at enemies while yelling “GET OVER HERE!” Within traditional astrology, Scorpions are known to hold grudges and be vengeful. Admittedly, I do tend to take things too personally, however I’m also aiming to move away from that mindset overall. As an R&B artist my musical content revolves around matters of the heart so I know I wanted my songs to reflect that but also display growth amidst my lifestyle in NYC. Moving on from the past means getting over ego and experiences that hurt you. When I’m stuck on negativity like rejection I have to remind myself to get over “it”. Therefore, I eventually arrived at GETOVERHER which sparked the groundwork for my debut mixtape, BLACKWATCHSAD that dropped in 2016.


CELL VISION: What is the creative and recording process like for you? Do you have a particular goal or audience in mind for the music?

GETOVERHER: I spend a lot of time alone writing and reflecting on my life and persona. Clarifying my feelings in rhyme format or just recording random thoughts has always been therapeutic for me since elementary school. I don’t read books as I should, so writing is my own form of literacy and escapism. Song titles, melodies,lyrics and bars always come to me at random usually while I’m sleeping or when I’m intently songwriting in my bathroom for hours at a time. I don’t mind writing in the studio with producers either but I like to have some ideas and moods prepared that multiply on the spot once I hear the appropriate triggering instrumental. Otherwise I’m usually producing songs on my own at home recording acapellas and harmonies from scratch on GarageBand. I’m still building my sound, as well as a fan base I hope, but I’d assume my audience to be the self-conscious, hopeless romantic types. I’m simply telling personal stories based on my creative inspirations who favor all forms of soul music all the way from the 70s until right now. Doo wop to drum & bass. Smooth jazz to UK grime. Sampling the sound bites of the outspoken James Baldwin and Dame Dash from screen gems like Paid In Full and Orange Is The New Black. Below are some intentional & coincidental influences I believe carried into my approach for each song on my latest release, ANAVY BLUE EP. Either way, it’s all aspirational and I'm a fan first so please don’t shoot the messenger.

Cool, Calm & Cutthroat: Nas, MF Doom, Novelist,
Dirty Blonde: Prince, Michael Jackson, Pharrell Williams, Moodymann
I’m Addicted: OutKast, The-Dream, Drake, Kanye West
A Matter Of Fast: Morris Day & The Time, Prince, Michael Jackson
ICY: Charli XCX, PC Music
Distractions Premix: PC Music, SOPHIE, Cashmere Cat, Kanye West
Distractions: The-Dream, James Blake
Takes 1 2 Know 1: Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, LL Cool J, MF Doom, Roc Marciano

A photo of Jason Scott Henderson aka GETOVERHER DJing in New York City
Photo by Alex Papa

Photo by Alex Papa

CELL VISION: You have worked as a music and fashion industry insider in A&R, Marketing, and PR. What is it like to be on the other side of the table as “the artist”?

GETOVERHER: Being my own artist now is a relief but also scary. I genuinely enjoy(ed) being behind the scenes developing people or products I believe in but I also hate babysitting and being unappreciated. Part of me also used to hide behind clients to avoid accountability. Now as the face of my own music I have to be completely transparent and accept all criticism. The vulnerability is intense but it’s a part of the game, and why potential fans or supporters may relate to me or my hustle on a deeper level. I’ve lost friends both in business and within the creative process unfortunately, but I’m always making sure the bitter truth is at the forefront of my art and representation. Collaboration can kill and mastering your brand is an art form in itself these days. Learning that you can’t please everyone with your motives fuels the very freedom in developing your own vision. It can be a lonely path.

CELL VISION: Tell us about your monthly podcast on Waxx.fm

GETOVERHER: THE GOOD EVENING is based on my best friends and I talking so much shit about each other and pop culture that we decided to start recording and sharing our conversations. We like to shed light on the people, places and things that are often misrepresented in our lives. We subtitle our show as “a podcast for outcasts”. It’s equally a radio show driven by music since I introduce every episode with an opening DJ set consisting of rare underground songs I rarely get to play out while DJing the fancier venues I occupy for a living. TGE has grown into our own therapy sessions and even a community platform or networking device where we invite special guests to either Regina’s Grocery in LES or Canal St Market in Chinatown to discuss everything sociopolitical for millennials in our scene.

Check out "The Good Evening" podcast

CELL VISION: Does the music video for “A Matter Of Fast” represent an average night out for you?

GETOVERHER: I wish every night was that adventurous for me, but with age I’ve become more content with balance. Originally the song's producer, Helix, sent me the beat on Facebook chat suggesting I write a timeless feel good record. Keeping that in mind, it's visuals are all about my best nights usually being a fun and swift blur that fly by too quickly. As a matter of FACT, it’s a matter of FAST. Sometimes when I'm actually just living in the moment and not planning anything I have the best time with some of the best people I’m privileged to know. The lyrics are all based on true events; years of getting into cool parties for free, getting props, getting faded, getting (and losing) girls and somehow still getting home safe. It’s nothing and something special all at once. I really appreciate Alex Papa’s video direction and Johan’s editing skills for this authentic window into my recreational recklessness. I was actually black out drunk by the end of the night when we filmed this and got robbed on my way home. Luckily nothing violent occurred, but I did deal with losing some material items. Part of me is even thankful that real gritty New York moments still exist.

You can find links to GETOVERHER’s music and social media accounts via the link below.