Jemima Kirke and Alex Cameron

Jemima Kirke is an English-American actress and visual artist, famously known for her iconic roles on HBO’s Girls and independent feature Tiny Furniture. Alex Cameron is an Australian indie-pop singer and songwriter with two solo albums to his name (and a third on the way). Together they’ve formed both a romantic and creative partnership, collaborating on the short film Marlon Brando as well as the video for Cameron’s song "Miami Memory.” We caught up with the couple in Brooklyn.

Interview by Claudia Lake and Mattie Safer

Creative Direction by Claudia Lake
Photography by Therese Öhrvall


CELL VISION: Please tell us about your new projects? What’s next ?

JEMIMA KIRKE: I'm lucky. I look at any success I've had as an opportunity to do what I want, career wise. I've used most of my resources to continue my portraiture. If a project comes along and I respect the director, or I'm excited to work across from an actor that I like, then I say yes. Other than that I'm more interested in being in charge. So I paint, and I write, I direct music videos and short films. I also have the finest collection of Etsy bought second hand goods in the northern hemisphere.

CELL VISION: Describe your fashion aesthetic.

JEMIMA KIRKE: Carole Lombard driving a Prius.

A portrait of Jemima Kirke in a floral print dress standing in a living room
dress: Mews / rings: (link: text: Bonheur) and Jemima's own

dress: Mews / rings: Bonheur and Jemima's own

CELL VISION: I would love to know what inspired you to shoot Marlon Brando? It hit a button for me after so many years on sets, where I was like omg this is so real. Was there anyone in particular or just a mix of people that inspired the characters? Particularly, the director. If so describe them ...

JEMIMA KIRKE: Marlon Brando is about oblivious men. The desperate creatives who are so scared of losing influence that they abuse the entire set. They're common. They demean the women in their cast, probably in the hope that we'll find it attractive, and they hope that their total lack of control will broadcast as creative genius. I don't hate them though, it sucks during the process, but once I started talking to other people about my experiences, I realized it was a hot bed for comedy.

A closeup portrait of Jemima Kirke
earrings: (link: text: Bonheur)

earrings: Bonheur

CELL VISION: Are you guys going to do any more mockumentary style shorts ?

JEMIMA KIRKE: I don't have anything planned in that realm. I'm trying to figure out how to write something erotic without giving my children nightmares.

CELL VISION: You’re a mom of two beautiful young children, how do you maintain a balance of work, play and motherhood? Any advice for other Moms juggling with the same?

JEMIMA KIRKE: My advice is to focus on your kids, and get drunk once in a while. Make sure you're getting laid, and that you feel good when you dress up. Your kids will appreciate that they had a mother who lived her life. That's a hard pill to swallow. But it's true. No one wants to look back on their childhood and recall that they had an over attentive parent who was anxious all the time, but they also don't want to be neglected. Just show them you know how to have fun and don't let them swear at their teachers.

A picture of Alex Cameron dancing shirtless in a Brooklyn backyard
A picture of Alex Cameron dancing shirtless in a Brooklyn backyard
A picture of Alex Cameron dancing shirtless in a Brooklyn backyard

jeans: All Saints / bracelet: Title Of Work / necklace: Alex's own / boots: vintage


CELL VISION: With your latest/upcoming release, what was the inspiration? Did you go into the writing and recording with a particular idea in mind? And how did it evolve through the process?

ALEX CAMERON: My new songbook is dedicated to Jemima. I've never really written love songs before. Normally I write about decrepit men. I wanted to show her what she's survived, and how she's changed my life. It's my most honest album. The thing about writing honestly when I'm writing about love, and Jemima, is there's less to think about. All the work was in not being an obstacle, not stopping what was coming out of me naturally. It was hysterical and joyful. I love these new songs.

animal print jacket: (link: text: Tripp NYC) / yellow shirt: Alex's own / trousers: (link: text: All Saints) / shoes: (link: text: Gucci)

animal print jacket: Tripp NYC / yellow shirt: Alex's own / trousers: All Saints / shoes: Gucci

CELL VISION: How do you feel your songwriting and sound have evolved since the first record?

When I first started, things were a little foggy. A lot of guesswork, and responding to the excitement that comes with naivety. I still get emotional writing music, but I don't search for the emotions, I just let them come to me naturally. That's the biggest evolution. This is my 3rd solo album, I feel like I'm gaining control.

A portrait of Alex Cameron wearing an open brown shirt and a gold necklace
shirt: (link: text: All Saints) / necklace: Alex's own
Alex Cameron with a coat pulled over his head
coat: (link: http://thekooples text: The Kooples) / waistcoat: (link: text: Reiss) / necklace: Alex's own

shirt: All Saints / necklace: Alex's own


coat: The Kooples / waistcoat: Reiss / necklace: Alex's own

CELL VISION: Do you prefer recording or performing?

ALEX CAMERON: Recording is a privilege. It's a treat. I never want to over do it, like put the studio in my house and just take it for granted. I see touring as work. If I tour enough, and perform enough, then I'm seasoned and I'm ready to record. I've earned it.

CELL VISION: Do you have any wish list collaborators?

ALEX CAMERON: I'd like to form a band with my favorite songwriters. Weyes Blood singing. Jonathan Rado on bass. Jack Ladder on Guitar. I'd play drums. Lizzo on flute.


CELL VISION: How did you guys meet ? We are in love with you guys as a couple. We want to know all the lovely romantic deets.

JEMIMA AND ALEX: We met online. Jemima had her agent reach out to my manager. We made out on the street.

Jemima Kirke and Alex Cameron embracing by the waterfront
**Jemima:** dress: (link: text: Reformation) **Alex:** shirt and jacket: (link: text: The Kooples)

Jemima: dress: Reformation

Alex: shirt and jacket: The Kooples

CELL VISION: Are there musical influences you guys have in common ?

JEMIMA AND ALEX: We both love Hot Chip.

CELL VISION: You guys make working and being in a relationship seem so easy, is there a challenge when collaborating with your partner that we should know about ?

Don't rush your partner through a creative decision. Listen, and be supportive. Don't be a prick. Sometimes it's better to be wrong the right way.

Alex Cameron's third album Miami Memory will be out Sept. 13 via Secretly Canadian. Watch the video for the title track below (co-starring Jemima Kirke) and check for upcoming Alex Cameron tour dates here.

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Styling by Paulina Castro Ogando
Hair by William Scott Blair at Honey Artist using Amika
Makeup by Claudia Lake at Contact NYC using MAC Cosmetics