Listen To Our "Heavy" Playlist

Crank the volume, carve a pentagram into your forehead and get ready to break shit while you listen to our brand new “Heavy” playlist, curated by David Castillo, mastermind of heavy electronic act Confines and owner of Saint Vitus.

by Cell Vision

Our brand new “Heavy” playlist is curated by David Castillo, owner of Brooklyn's heaviest venue Saint Vitus, and mastermind of the heavy solo electronic act Confines.

David is deeply immersed in the punk, hardcore, metal, and heavy electronic scenes, having been front man for Hardcore acts such as Primitive Weapons and White Widows Pact. Coming up in the Long Island and NYC Hardcore scenes, he has now graduated to booking acts such as Megadeth, Napalm Death, Corrosion Of Comformity, Obituary, H09909, and Refused (to name a few) at his club, Saint Vitus. David Castillo is on the bleeding edge of all things HEAVY. This playlist is a compilation of Castillo’s current picks to assault your eardrums. This is Heavy. We asked Castillo to write a little bit about what heavy music means to him, and how he made his selections for the first installment of the playlist.

“Heavy music is such a subjective idea, It's a know it when you feel it kind of thing. To me, heavy music is all about the moment when a song hits and completely takes over, eliciting an instant physical reaction from the listener. Heavy music is in essence body music. The moment you hear a good song every other aspect of your life vanishes and you're left with your visceral, primal self.

I grew up in the ‘90s listening to Hardcore, Metal, Rap, Punk, etc. drawn to the the rapturous chaos they allowed me to express. As I grew older that palette expanded into industrial, techno, and all sorts of other heavy treasure that I went on to find. This playlist is a representation of that, excavating some of my favorite heavy moments and trying in some way to show the connections between the often overblown distinction of genre. I hope you'll headbang, dance, mosh, and scream along with me.”

Listen to our brand new Heavy playlist, curated by David Castillo using the link below and be sure to follow the playlist so you don’t miss any future updates.

Heavy Playlist