Listen To Our "Lust" Playlist

Slide into those DMs, send those nudes, and get the fire extinguisher ready—our new "Lust" playlist on Spotify is guaranteed to increase libidinous yearning and get your fire burning.

Last year, our team of collaborators inside the Cell Labs brought you an experiment: DESIRE a playlist "selected to express that yearning ache for another that burns in your soul." This year we present an update to our previous findings—amplified by the isolation of quarantine lockdown, DESIRE has transformed into LUST, a playlist that, in early findings, has been shown to cause a 75% increase in reckless, DM-sliding, nude-sending, yearning, burning sexual behavior.

LUST is a virtual mixtape of classic and modern sex jams from artists like Safer, The Stooges, Yves Tumor, Gary Glitter, Jai Paul, Betty Davis, Devin Tracy, Fiona Apple, Beak>, Devin Tracy, KAMAUU, Adeline, and more. This Valentine's Day send it to someone you love and prepare to get scorched by a firestorm of hot, hot lovin'.

You can listen to and follow our "Lust" playlist on Spotify via the link below.

Listen to "Lust" on Spotify