Wet & Weird: Scenes From The Mermaid Parade

This past Saturday the Coney Island Mermaid Parade returned after a 2-year hiatus. Cell Vision correspondent Sylvea Suydam was there to capture the event in all its glorious whimsy.

words and photos by Sylvea Suydam

On Saturday, June 19th, the deliriously whimsical Mermaid Parade returned after a 2-year pandemic induced hiatus. Thousands of participants and onlookers of all ages and walks of life descended on Coney Island for the organization's 40th-anniversary event alongside marchers, floats, bands, and dancers.

The weather on the boardwalk was a perfect combination of cool breeze and warm sun for the many mermaids and undersea creatures celebrating in next to nothing. Over the course of two hours, the parade was a glittery and raucous stream of mermaids and mermen, sailors, lobsters, pirate ships, clam cars, cowboys and seahorses, bathyspheres, Disney villains, and cephalopods in seashells, sequin bikinis, body paint, rainbow wigs and pearlescent colors. Costumed revelers could be spotted drinking on the Q train down to Coney Island early in the day and found out on the beaches late into the evening.