Miranda and the Beat's "Mr. Monster" Will Eat Your Soul

Brooklyn garage-soul champions Miranda and the Beat just released a new song “Mr. Monster” (featuring Obash of Bipolar), with a music video to accompany the song directed by artist/misanthrope Nate Turbow. Cell Vision correspondent Samantha Singh spoke with the band about the song (their second release on Jack White’s Third Man Records), the making of the video, and their feelings about the spooky season.

words and interview by Samantha Singh

Photos by Nate Turbow

Known around the Brooklyn music scene for their soul-infused garage rocking and punchy stage presence, Miranda and the Beat have been keeping busy despite the lockdown on live shows and, on October 23rd, released a Halloween treat in the form of “Mr. Monster.” In the music video for the quintessentially New York horror groove, directed by artist and puppeteer Nate Turbow, frontwoman Miranda Zipse recounts a meeting with a monster on her walk home from the subway station. Siavash Karampour, more commonly known as Obash, of Brooklyn-based band Bipolar features on the song and in the music video as the soul-hungry ghoul.

"Mr. Monster" music video by Miranda and the Beat. Directed by Nate Turbow.

Originating as a two piece consisting of Monterey Bay natives Miranda Zipse (lead vocals, guitar) and Kim “the Beat” Sollecito (drums, backing vocals), Miranda and the Beat has expanded since relocating to New York City in 2018 to include Mike Roth (bass), Dylan Fernandez (keys), and sometimes Nazar Khamis (tambourine). “Mr. Monster” comes as the band’s second single to be put out this year via Third Man Records, following the September 7” vinyl release of “Such A Fool” accompanied by instrumental B-side “Chillantro.”

"Such A Fool" music video by Miranda and the Beat. Directed by Nate Turbow.

I got in touch with the band (plus Obash) to ask them a few questions about “Mr. Monster” and the spooky season.

CELL VISION: What inspired you to cut a Halloween track this year?

MIRANDA: I always wanted to make a holiday album.

CELL VISION: In “Mr. Monster,” the monster describes Miranda as a “creature with blood on her lips”— who’s the real threat here?

MIRANDA: Corporate America.

singer/guitarist Miranda Zipse

singer/guitarist Miranda Zipse

CELL VISION: Which scene of this music video was the most fun to shoot?

MIRANDA: The one where our keyboard player [Dylan] tripped and broke his ankle.

CELL VISION: What’s your favorite Halloween tradition?

OBASH: Dressing up my camel. Back in Iran, we love dressing up our camels.

guest monster Siavash Karampour (aka Obash)

guest monster Siavash Karampour (aka Obash)

CELL VISION: Out of the band, who’s the best when it comes to costumes?

KIM: Jonathan Toubin. [The revolutionary rock and soul deejay and NYC nightlife legend is named on Miranda and the Beat’s Instagram page as their “emergency contact.”]

CELL VISION: Do you have a favorite horror movie?

MIKE: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992).

bassist Mike Roth

bassist Mike Roth

CELL VISION: What scares you?

DYLAN: Being honest with myself.

keyboardist Dylan Fernandez

keyboardist Dylan Fernandez

CELL VISION: Hypothetically, if you’re going trick-or-treating, what kind of candy are you hoping for?

MIRANDA: I like tootsie rolls.

CELL VISION: What do you listen to when you’re in the mood to get spooky?

KIM: The sound of my own thoughts.

drummer Kim Sollecito (aka “The Beat”)

drummer Kim Sollecito (aka “The Beat”)

CELL VISION: Despite the lockdown, you seem to have had a pretty productive year, putting out three new songs and two music videos and releasing a 7” on Third Man Records. What’s next for Miranda & the Beat?

MIRANDA: We have 13 more videos coming out before the end of the year.

Miranda and the Beat's "Mr. Monster" is out now via Third Man Records. You can watch the video, or follow them on Instagram, via the links below.

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