Rare Form "Tragedy Of Love" Video

Rare Form has just released the video for “Tragedy Of Love”, directed by Suhyun Choi. It is a hypnotic, narcotic tone poem of a video, featuring original sketches and video art from the South Korean director. We caught up with Rare Form to discuss the new video, and the importance of visual imagery to his music.

Interview by Samantha Henke

CELL VISION: We love the video. Who is the director and how did you meet them?

RARE FORM: The video for “Tragedy Of Love” was done by a visual artist named Suhyun Choi. They’re from South Korea, but I met them in NYC. They did all of the illustration and animation as well as editing.

CELL VISION: Between this and the "All Night" video you seem to have a knack for finding interesting visual collaborators, how do you find them?

RARE FORM: As an artist I feel that the visual is equally important as the auditory. I usually connect with artists on the internet and through circles of mutual friends in the music and visual art communities.

CELL VISION: Was there a particular direction you wanted for the video? What was the creative process like?

RARE FORM: I played the song for her and she created this amazing hallucinatory imagery that is was very fitting for this song. It emulates a dream state and you can kind of get lost in it.

CELL VISION: What can you tell us about the song?

RARE FORM: When I began this project I had moments of trying to find my musical identity as Rare Form. This was the 3rd song that I wrote and it was at this point that I understood and had a clear view of what direction heading in. It all came naturally and as I listen now with a new perspective I can hear lots of my musical influences in this particular song. I wrote this song about my tendency to live in the clouds, carefree and floating through life. It's difficult to keep a grasp on reality in New York City. Relationships become a part of the whirlwind and can drift away if you don't bring yourself back to earth. This is about those battles, the beautiful and the terrible, the tragedy and the love.

CELL VISION: What's next for Rare Form? Do you have any plans to perform live?

RARE FORM: I've been locked in my rehearsal studio in Times Square for hours everyday for the past few months perfecting the Rare Form live show. I will be performing my first true live show on March 5th at the Ilegal Mezcal event space in Brooklyn as a part of an art opening titled Sex, Lies, and Cassette Tapes which is a solo art show by an artist by the name of Marc Carson. My live show will consist of a heavy visual art element of which I have designed projections and lighting as well as incorporate live electronic drums and a headset mic. My primary goal is to create a sensory experience within the live performance.

You can purchase or stream “Tragedy Of Love” on the service of your choice via the link below, or check out Rare Form on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Rare Form's debut live performance will be on March 5th at the Ilegal Headquarters in Brooklyn, you can RSVP by emailing info@notforthemnyc.com

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