Safer "Countercultural Savior"

Safer is back with a brand new single, the pulsing, dancefloor shredding "Countercultural Savior".

by Melissa Castro

photos by Kevin Condon

Safer, the new band from Mattie Safer (The Rapture and Poolside), just released the new single “Countercultural Savior”. Throbbing bass, machine-like drums, and overdriven keyboards provide the musical background for Safer’s satirical takedown of the ‘rock ‘n’ roll mystique.’

“As teens we build up these figures as gods, and canonize their names” says Safer, “but looking at it with a bit of perspective I just see a bunch of sad men Pied Piper-ing their fans into self-destructive behavior and consumerism in the name of profit.”

The song is the follow-up single to Safer’s debut EP Sleepless Nights, which was released earlier this year and contained the breakout single “Good Things.”

Safer will be touring the northeast in November/December, With shows in Brooklyn, Washington DC and Baltimore, including a single release show at The Broadway on November 22nd.

You can listen, stream or purchase "Countercultural Savior" on the music service of your choice using the link below.

Listen to "Countercultural Savior"