Safer "Countercultural Savior" Music Video

The video for Safer's brand new single "Countercultural Savior" is a retro-futuristic glimpse into the rock and roll present that collages archival "countercultural" footage with live footage of the band. Cell Vision correspondent Marcus Dowling reviews the video and speaks to the director, Bill Heffley.

Five singles and six months into their progress, Brooklyn-based band Safer have a song and video that further supports the band’s dance-punk vision. The Bill Heffley-directed clip for the just-released single “Countercultural Savior” is here, and if looking for a retro-futuristic glimpse into what impact the 70s era of punk and hardscrabble living in Manhattan has on modern-day rock and roll, look no further.

“Mattie [Safer, lead vocalist and bass guitarist] envisioned a clip that was based around the lyrics to the song, so what I decided to do was go to (The National Archives website), and use archival footage from there [in the video],” notes the video’s San Diego-based director Bill Heffley. He continues, “because Mattie wanted that ‘Pied Piper’ vibe to fit ‘Countercultural Savior,’ there are images of drug use, [things that convey a] Talking Heads and Television song feeling, generally gritty and raw underground imagery.”

A portrait of Mattie Safer where he has no eyeballs
photo by Kevin Condon

photo by Kevin Condon

The use of filters in the video gives the presentation of the band a feel that seems not too far removed from a clip of the aforementioned Television playing hits from Marquee Moon, at CBGB. In a vein fully reminiscent of the era to which the video is a homage, Mattie pointedly notes that “Countercultural Savior” is "written about the way we build up these rock figures as gods, and how they portray themselves as revolutionary figures of change, but it's all bullshit. Just another way of encouraging consumerism and self-destructive behavior.”

photo by Kevin Condon

photo by Kevin Condon

Blending a classic look with a timeless appeal, the driving, guitar, and vocal-driven rock flavor of the track really delivers. Overall, this video is stellar, cohesive, and entertaining.

Safer's "Countercultural Savior" video can be seen on YouTube and is available to stream or purchase via the link below. You can also read our previous article about the "Countercultural Savior" single release.

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