Sammy Bananas

Brooklyn producer and party maestro Sammy Bananas is a beloved figure on the American dance scene, known for crafting ecstatic tracks that ditch trendy production tricks in favor of pure pop satisfaction. An OG artist on A-Trak’s label Fool’s Gold, Sammy has won over fans worldwide with his smash bootlegs, official remixes for everyone from Chromeo to Miguel, and original jams. Sammy recently remixed “Sleepless Nights”, the title track for Safer’s debut EP, and we caught up with him to talk about it and find out what else is going on in his world.

by Melissa Castro

CELL VISION: We love the remix you’ve done for “Sleepless Nights”. How did it come about?

SAMMY: Mattie and I have been friends for the past few years and got in the habit of bouncing ideas and sharing our unreleased music with each other. When he sent me the Safer EP I was floored. I literally listened to it 5 times in a row. It had energy that was undeniable, but also seemed effortless in a way, like a band in total control of their vision, right out the gate! “Sleepless Nights” was the track that stuck with me, and I immediately started thinking of remixing it. Mattie was pretty stoked when I suggested the idea.

CELL VISION: What were you hoping to accomplish with it, musically?

SAMMY: The original is definitely a rock song first and foremost, but it had all the elements of dance music, from the hook down to the groove and baseline. I really wanted to bring those elements to the forefront and make something that DJs (myself included!) could fit into their sets. It was a process of simplification (particularly with the bass line), making it funk a little harder, ensure the drums knock and make it more synth than guitar.

CELL VISION: What else is coming up for Sammy Bananas?

SAMMY: I actually have a bunch of remixes which I did over the summer which have recently come out or are about to drop. The artists include Nickodemus, and Aussie soul group The Goods. I’m also working on a follow EP to last Spring’s “Piananana”.

CELL VISION: Can you tell us a little bit about your organization DJs for Climate Action?

SAMMY: Gladly! We just came back from ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) where we helped organize a few panels about sustainability in the dance music industry. It was pretty inspiring! The whole idea behind DJs4CA is to create tools and opportunities for DJs to harness their craft and influence to educate, generate action and power solutions work. I feel like DJs are uniquely poised to have a real impact here. We’re trying to encourage artists to lead by example, to balance their carbon emissions, but also go further to conserve where they can and promote the issue in their work. We’re currently planning for our next EARTH NIGHT events in April. This is our effort to connect simultaneous events in cities across the world into a massive global festival to raise money and promote engagement. Check out more at

The Sammy Bananas remix of Safer’s “Sleepless Nights” is out now, and can be streamed or purchased at the link below. You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at the links below.

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