Weird Hours

Kevin Condon (AKA @weirdhours) is a North Carolina-raised, Brooklyn-based photographer, widely recognized as one of the premiere photographers documenting Brooklyn’s nascent rock and roll scene. A self-taught artist who shot over 200 shows last year, Condon takes inspiration from the film directors he loves--Anton Corbijn, Steven Soderbergh, The Coen Brothers, Jacques Audiard--and applies it to his photography, creating a distinctive, dramatic style, with a low exposure, film-noir feel. He recently put up a show in Brooklyn featuring some of his favorite shots from the past several years, and we have the privilege of sharing them below.

Photography by Kevin Condon
Sloppy Jane performing lying on her back on the floor
(link: text: Sloppy Jane)
A bird's eye view of Idles' singer Joe Talbot crowdsurfing
(link: text: Idles)
Sam from Public Practice performing on stage
(link: text: Public Practice)
A shot from the side of Shame performing for a crowd of people
(link: text: Shame)
A shadowy image of Madison from the Wants performing with a disco ball in the background
(link: text: The Wants)
Deerhunter performing and holding out their guitar into the crowd while fans grab the neck
(link: text: Deerhunter)
A portrait of the band Chai
(link: text: Chai)
Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss jumping up and down during a performance
(link: text: Charly Bliss)
Dilly Dally performing on stage
(link: text: Dilly Dally)
Mark Bowen from Idles playing guitar
(link: text: Idles)
Sebastian Murphy of Viagra Boys onstage
(link: text: Viagra Boys)
A Place To Bury Strangers performing in a smoky room
(link: text: A Place To Bury Strangers)
Danny from Native Sun crowd surfing during a performance
(link: text: Native Sun)

You can check out more of Kevin's photography and video work online via the links below: