Welcome To Cell Vision

A benediction for the birth of the new platform for music, art, culture, and fashion by Cell Laboratories.

Welcome To Cell Vision

The universe is built on the atom. The human body is built on the cell. You know, that thing that contains the blueprint of your life, the one essential part of your being you need in order to be alive?

To feel... alive?

It all begins with a cell.

We called them “cliques”. We called them “crews” and “posses”. Beckys in the valley hashtagged it “#squad” while the bros in college called it “frats”. Lately the urban generation categorizes it as “the culture”, with an emphasis on “the movement”.

In the end they’re all scenes. A series of events starring a carefully curated crowd of creatives & their questionable friends making the impossible achievable. For this conversation, we’ll call it “The Cell”.

Andy Warhol’s Factory was a cell.

CBGB was a cell.

No one even questioned it.

We revel in it.

All we know...

...is that cells make you move.

Scientists can’t explain why an atom bonds with other atoms, why they conjoin then combust in order to create the universe we all now create in. Nobody knows why a blood cell moves, or how it chooses to be a white cell or a red cell. These things just are. You just feel the beat. The clothes just fit. The look is just right. All perception based on a calculated and volatile prediction Las Vegas bookies can’t put the odds on. Unpredictable and perfect. Chaotic and temporary, yet defining and eternal.

A few publications tried to ride the wave, surf on it with their college interns balancing reality & rent, living off a waxed board of drink tickets and the promise of a quintessential narcotic New York night. Some would profess their love for the entertainment, deciphering it in published prose, seeing the thing before then being deeper than a dive bar with a promise of 10% of the bar. Others described it with critical snark, a self deprecating romanticized candor drenched in promotional PBR and neon wayfarers.

The NY Press is gone. The underground zines of The 90’s and early 2000’s can no longer afford the ink. Beloved magazines all over the world have folded or grown up, loaded up on corporate money, and lost their grit. Our phones are now our cell. We don’t meet at the 7-11 or the mall or the cube or the parks to skate, smoke and do stupid shit anymore. We used to stumble out of the bathroom in the basement of mom’s house, or bump into each other in line at our favorite bars and clubs. Now we meet on group chats, in the comment sections of a common friends Instagram post, far removed from the days of crushed beer cans and hand to hand flyers. That world for the most part in most places is gone...

...but the cells are still here.

Welcome to Cell Laboratories. We aren’t here to diagnose the system. We aren’t even here to cure the disease. We are here to experiment with the feeling.

Welcome to Cell Laboratories.

Music in video: "7:AM (Again)" courtesy of Flasyd